Articles about Reiki

Through our years as speakers in the Parkinson’s community, we have developed articles that we would like to share with anyone who is interested. We’ve posted our articles here for your benefit.  All these articles are in PDF format.  If you would like to share these articles with others, please just drop us an email and let us know at angela at


An Introduction to Reiki  by Karl Robb
There is little doubt that human touch is of benefit to our well-being. When I speak of touch I mean it in the most caring and compassionate of ways and not just in a sensory manner. Touch is therapeutic and I have great confidence that it is the highway to relief and possible healing. Click here to download the entire article.

My Reiki Journey & Integration into my Life by Angela Robb
I found Reiki by “coincidence” but certainly feel it was my destiny to find this compassionate healing practice. When Reiki came into my life, I had no intention of incorporating it into my life. I was strictly an observer as my husband, who has young onset Parkinson’s disease (PD), tried Reiki for his symptoms. After observing how Reiki help him improve, I dove right in. Click here to download the entire article.

Alternative Nostril Breathing Directions
This breathing exercise can be practiced at any time to reduce stress, balance the mind & body and can provide relaxation. If you can breath, you can practice this exercise! Click here to download the entire article.



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